Mackie 48 channel console
40 mono + 4 stereo returns
8 subgroups, 4 Matrix, 2 stereo
1 mono center channel, 8 Aux sends
Built in LED Meter Bridge (switchable Pre/Post)
4 dimmable Little Lites
DBX 2231 stereo 31 band EQ
w/Dolby NR & DBX Comp/Limiter
1 Yamaha SPX 90-II Multi FX
1 Yamaha SPX 1000 Multi FX
1 TC Electronics M-ONE Multi FX
1 TC Electronics D-TWO Digital Delay
8 channels insertable DBX 166 compressors
4 channel Symetrix 544 gates
5 channel Peavey Gate Keeper

(4) JBL SR4732A mid-highs
(2 X 12" mids, 4" voice coil, 2" exit CD horn, 1" exit baby butt horn)
(4) JBL SR 4719 X
(Dual 18 Sub Cabinets)
(4) Crest CA12 amps @ 1200 watts per channel for subs and mids
(1) QSC MX 1500 A for the High Frequency (500 watts per channel)
TDM 3way Stereo Crossover
11,600 watts for FOH

(4) separate monitor mixes are driven from Front of House console via the first four auxiliaries pre
fader/post EQ , then routed to 4 channels of Behringer FBQ pro 31 band graphics located at FOH
Processing rack. Monitors are powered by three QSC MX 1500A amps @ 500 watts per channel. Stage Left,
Center, & Stage right monitors are Yamaha CM 10 V monitors on the downstage lip, and an EAW with
15" covers the upstage Center drum position. With 8 auxes @ FOH , IEM's can be added either by
deleting some of the four effects, or switching out wedge mixes
Snake is dual 16x4 channel snakes
Located @ DownStage Left and UpStage Right
30 mono inputs and 8 TRS Returns. There is no splitter on House Snake System

Assortment of Sennheiser
E 835
E604 (four quantity)
Assortment of Shure SM
Sm 58
Sm 56
Beta 52
Octava MK 012 Condenser
Stereo Radial Direct Passive
Countryman type 85 Direct Active
(Two) Roland Boss DI Active
EWI Passive Direct
Assorted Mic Stands & XLR Cable

(6) Par 64 downstage / front wash
(8) Par 64 upstage lighting
(4) Martin Destroyer Effect Lighting [DMX]
(4) Martin MX1 Intelligent Scanner [DMX]

The stage is 20ft wide X 12 ft depth. The lower level is 18" from dance floor and is 6 1/2 feet deep.
The upper level is 40'' and 5 1/2 feet deep. 
(2) 5x5 extensions are available for upper or lower deck.