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GLRwood, Itchy Kitty, Wasted Breath, Better Daze

$8 pre $10 door
Itchy Kitty - Spokane based bubblegum piss band.

GRLwood At the end of the day, music should be about individuality. It’s about creating something new. Even going beyond that, the idea of artistic expression in pursuit of educating, spiritually self medicating, or even innovation, is one of the most powerful things that we, as humans, have. GRLwood seems to know this pretty well.

GRLwood, in the simplest of terms, is sort of like if riot grrrl met some sort of strange screamo band. Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Rej Forester and drummer Karen Ledford, GRLwood is a band that lives for being their own thing. Some may try to label them as this, that the other-- punk, queer-core, alternative, etc.-- but in the end of the day, the band strives to do what comes best, regardless of what category they fall into. For them, they have no desire to stand in front of the barriers that the gatekeepers at least try to put up.

Forrester and Ledford’s work comes to them in the moment, rendering the usage of pre-written content useless. Their results are raw, unfiltered audio and satirical yet empowering lyrics that provide commentary and artistic expression on their surroundings. Considering that they’re based in the south in what may be one of the most politically tense moments in modern history, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage in things to scream about. For example, their hit single, “Daddy” is about the absurdity of patriarchal oppression against women, and the concept of womanly servitude in support of that. But you may not get that at first listen, considering the lyrics are riddled with rage, sarcasm and dry wit. With this, the band is able to get a message across in a way that makes them both alternative and accessible at the same time. In the words of Boots Riley, “people aren't used to thinking and laughing at the same time”.

Wasted Breath - Wasted Breath has perfected their unique combo of witty sing- alongs, brash guitar leads, show-off drum fills, & "fuck you" attitude. This band will kick your teeth in, make you shake your ass, & keep you smiling from the very first downbeat. A treat for Rock & Rollers of all ages & musical tastes, Wasted Breath has something for everyone.
Better Daze - coming at you a decade after the craze, proving that skate punk never dies and politics always has a place. Dress to the left and crack open your heart, minds, and a beer with us. You're welcome here.