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Acoustic Apocalypse

Tyler Alai

Our Headlining act, how can one describe the ephemeral dance of ear honey that Tyler, Jeff, and the rest of the crew deliver? Imagine Amy Winehouse with less wine and more house, or better yet, imagine a being that can communicate fluently without words, some sort of youthful yet eternal light goddess, pouring good feels into your ear holes, telling you it's going to be alright, and then showing you how to dance all night.


Skunk by day and topus by night.

Skunktopus is a six-piece punk rock band that is constantly skirting the border between thrilling and absurd. They are here to melt your face off and drink mello yello.

Skunktopus didn't used to be the objectively best punk band in the universe though -- They first had to train in one of their former member's dad's basement (under three-thousand times gravity) for several million years. Now, some of them can even play their instruments! They don't even use rope to hold up their drums anymore.

Skuntopus knows that you have to surf to be cool, but they still are open to playing shows pretty much anywhere for anyone.

Best Band in Universe FACT award

Retro Roger is a singer songwriter who enjoys performing classic songs of the 60s. He plays acoustic guitar with harmonica in the traditional folk style, which is no easy trick to do well. His set list includes; classic rock, blues, folk ballads and originals that have survived the test of time. Roger has himself survived the riggers of time, being a true product of the era with which he sings. He performs solo as well as with his long time friend Doug Roberts on bass.


Matt Setzer is a Comedian. Imagine Bill Hicks making a baby with Larry the Cable Guy, Matt would be making fun of that horrific love child.

James May is a shorter Alaskan crispy Bert Kreischer Type. Like if Bert is the Dough then James is the Churro.

Chris Armi AVOID THIS MAN, you'll laugh but also feel dirty for laughing.