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$8 at the door

Come and relive the 90s with Cause - Cause is a hardcore punk band that developed out of Spokane Washington’s All-Ages punk scene of the 1990’s. Cause was heavily influenced by Bad Religion, Neurosis, Gorilla Biscuits, Christ on a Crutch and others; eventually honing their own style of melodic hardcore anthems. From 1993 to 1998, Spokane’s Cause released three demos, two split seven inches, one 7” ep, and was featured on three compilation albums. Cause was rarely found idle, if they weren’t playing at local all-ages venues, they were traveling as far as Boston Massachusetts to Atlanta Georgia to spread their brand of angry melodic hardcore to the masses of punk rock America.

Six State Bender - Six State Bender is a rowdy rock n' roll band from Spokane WA. The band was established in 2003, split up in 2010, and reformed again in 2016 to rock again

Askevault - Crust/Punk band from Spokane Washington. Doom Gloom and Misery