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John Underwood/ The Holy Broke / Jordan Collins

$6pre, $8 door

John Underwood - Multi-instrumentalist solo artist with an unusual loop setup including banjo, accordion, acoustic guitar, trumpet, trombone, glockenspiel, bass, and an acoustic style drum setup.
The Holy Broke - The Holy Broke (Spokane, WA), ambiguous name for the growling solo work of Kent Ueland, encapsulates his dark, messy music and all its jagged shards. You won’t find stained glass tributes to lost loves or idle words about a better life in his lyrics. No, Ueland is the busted and bitter. Equal parts the man sunken into his couch and the snarling boy smiling through his bleeding upper lip, the classic country riffs carry Ueland’s vocals through a debauched journey into heartache. http://www.theholybroke.com
Jordan Collins Music -   Acoustic, Indie, folk, singer-songwriter