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1984 Rock Out!

$5 ADV $8 door


This is a celebration of all the TIGERS that survived the tumultuous long hair band, techno pop, punk fueled
80’s! We saw the beginning of MTV – Michael Jackson, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Madonna, Ghostbusters,
Purple Rain, Footloose, debut of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (yes, it’s true – Check it out: ), Indiana Jones, The Terminator…Holy cow were we on the
cutting edge or what?! You don’t have to be a Tiger, nor 50 to join in the fun – just buy a damn ticket and
you’re in! You can get tickets in advance (without a service fee) from a member of any of the bands.
forward to seeing you!
Due to a misspelling at their first real gig “The Moors” became “The Moops”. They are a power pop quintet of
local appliance salesmen, fronted by handsome all around cool dude Rob Deitz, (he’s a pretty big deal, as he
will tell you himself)... On lead and backing vocals you have Ric Willmering. He can play you a song and weld
you a fire escape. He’s a mad scientist. On rhythm and backing vocals you have the always stoic and steady
Josh Owen. If you can make him smile then he is faking it. Keeping the steady tempo on bass is the tower of
power Brett Steinauer,(not really a tower). A woman was once heard to say: ” Brett is the only white dude I
ever had fun with”. Last but certainly not least, on percussion, is the loud, the proud Jeremy Nolan. He always
plays like he has a big Johnson. These fellows were a functioning dysfunction for 5 years then pursued other
projects. They recently all got an apartment together and like a twisted marriage they are ready to give it another
go. They play 80’s 90’s and new pop slop for the masses.
Mike Lynch and his crew walk you through the annals of rock and roll with classic rock from every generation!
Guitarist/Vocalist Dan Random has played in bands forever, including major venues in Korea and south Asia
where he broke the hearts of every poor working girl looking earn a buck. When he’s not writing songs, Dan
spends his time with playboy magazines and surfing the net for new and interesting porn sites.
Drummer Glen Hodgson (aka Grandpa) enjoyed playing his friends drum sets while growing up and was told
"you should find somewhere else to play". Undeterred, Glen went out and got his own drums set a few years
ago while going through a midlife crisis - along with a Harley and a new blow up doll.
Bassist Mike Lynch played off and on as a hobby since the early 90’s, jamming with a garage band. Never good
enough to get into an actual gigging band, Mike spent 10 years in his basement reliving his high school days
when he was in a Beatles themed air band. All that changed when he ran into Glen: “I met Glen and mentioned
I played bass a bit. He gave me a tape of some songs he and another guitarist had been working on. Turns out
none of us were any good – it was the perfect fit!”.
Hey, at least Vaseline keeps sponsoring our bigger venues because of Dan!
Is a surf band made up of Issaac Murcar (son of LC 1984 alum, Tim Murcar), Michael Starry and an old school
reel to reel tape machine. You gotta see this - the possibilities are endless…
"The best surf music I've heard in quite a while."
-Aunt Phyllis