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$10   Doors 7:30.

BUFFALO JONES : http://www.buffalojonesmusic.com/

Best known for their blistering guitar solos and three-part harmonies, Buffalo Jones is a rock outfit based out of Spokane,... Washington. After performing alongside acts like Cracker and Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Buffalo Jones released their first album, Wake Up. Struggle in 2008. Their follow-up, This is Not the End of the World, will be released later this year.

BRYAN JOHN APPLEBY:  http://www.bryanjohnappleby.com/ 

Appleby’s much anticipated forthcoming full-length release The Narrow Valley (November 2015), crafted with Seattle producer Sam Anderson, deals with the sun-bleached landscape of his youth – a dreamy, densely constructed cinematic world more musically tied to the maximalist West Coast pop traditions of outsider California composers like Van Dyke Parks and Brian Wilson than to the folk roots of Appleby’s early work. The Narrow Valley’s orchestral character takes dramatic steps away from heartfelt folk balladry, showcasing Appleby’s deftness in composition and arrangement while still managing to deliver the epic line-by-line lyricism he is known for. Whether re-interpreting the songs with the influence of his long-standing live band (multi-instrumentalist Kyle Zantos, bassist Joe Ruppert, drummer Cole Mauro) or performing alone, his range as a writer and performer continually expands outward, and he maintains his ability to connect with and capture the attention of his audiences. 

THE BACKUPS: https://www.facebook.com/TheBackups

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