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Thready Thursday - kLL sMTH / Resonant Language / Mugsy

Spokane's Bass Music Monthly   $10 at the door
This is a 18+ Event w/ ID
Join Old Love Music Group & The Muu Crew for another night of Intelligent Dance Music at The Big Dipper Spokane.

Music Provided By

kLL sMTH • (Denver, Co)
Denver Colorado based producer, kLL sMTH's sole mission in life is to keep your ears listening, your brain thinking, your hearts radiating, and most of all, your booty shakin!

Resonant Language • (Denver, Co)
Colorado based producer, performer, and musician Resonant Language weaves an original and intricate strand of organic electronic music. Utilizing both maximal and minimal schools of thought and combining intense glitches, ambient soundscapes, beautiful melodies, and squishy, dripping bass, Resonant Language has truly crafted his own style of psychedelic bass music.

Mugsy • (Spokane, Wa)
Mugsy has been honing his craft as a beat wizard since 2005, steadily blending hip hop with electronic bass music. This Cali born Texas raised knob twisting pad tapper brings that dirty south vibe to the fast growing west coast sound. With influences ranging from Biggie Smalls to Johnny Cash, Mugsy brings a unique twist on current edm.


Performance Provided By

Luma Fire & Flow • (Spokane, Wa)
Funky, sultry, sassy - Luma is a performer known for her dynamic stage presence and unique flow artistry. Dropped from a comet on a crystalline cloud, she is here to take you on a cosmic journey of geometry and motion.

Flux Frequencies • (Tri-cities, Wa)
WA-based performing arts team; combining flow & fusion with artistic illusions. Flux is an enchanting group of performers who share the same passion for dancing. Their unique & groovy performances aim to inspire, allure, & connect with all divine souls that they come across ~ ✧

• Andrew Young • (Portland, Or)
Multi-disciplinary flow arts badass specializing in blowing your mind.

• Jerry Duczek • (Coeur D'Alene, Id)
Using poi to create universal geometric patterns that will take you into the next dimension.


Live Painting By

• Jace Karloff • (Spokane, Wa)


Projection Mapping & Visual Art By

Stark Raving Rad Productions • (Seattle, Wa)


Body Airbrushing & Live Painting By

Meltamorphosis Designs • (West Coast, USA)
Allie Hanlon combines amazing fractal patterns with the human body using her unique air brushing techniques. Her airbrushed sacred geometry on the physical temple completely changes the way we experience the art. She specializes in live events, and paints on all kinds of surfaces, including, the human body, canvas, clothing and even instruments. Using color changing lights and 3D glasses her artwork moves with the dance of life.
Allie Hanlon’s evolving work is catching attention all over the world. To see her work at a live show is to see infinite possibilities of patterns, colors and movement.