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Katastro - Reggae/hiphop/rock
Since their inception, the band has continued to take the local scene by storm and quickly broke into the national circuit by performing with such acts as 311, Awolnation, Dirty Heads, New Politics, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Pacific Dub and Passafire.

Most recently, Katastro has shared the stage with Rebelution at the Tempe Beach Park St. Patrick’s Day Festival, attracting more than 12,000 attendees. The band then spent this summer touring with Iration, The Green, Pepper and Dirty Heads.

Katastro’s first release was their 2007 EP entitled, “The Wonderful Daze” and was followed up by their 2008 release, “The Facts.” In 2009, the band put out their first full lengt...h album called, “Poking Holes in A Pattern” which was produced by Bob Hoag (The Ataris, The Format, Gin Blossoms). In October of 2011, Katastro released their 4th studio album entitled “Gentle Predator.”

The boys from the Valley of the Sun have big plans on the horizon. Their next Studio EP “No Mud No Lotus” is scheduled to be released Fall of 2014, with a follow up Full Length due out later next year.
Mouse Powell - Mouse Powell is the world’s most reluctant rapper. Mouse Powell loves dogs, and has been making music accordingly since 2011. His debut album “Where It’s Cloudy” surely pleased some people, but his follow up album “These Are The Good Times” was at least twice as effective. After taking a blood oath with Tempe based producer, The Ref, the duo have been making genre bending and life altering music ever since. As the two gear up to release another project they will continue their award winning formula of whiskey and friendship to bring the world an album that truly reflects their life long commitment to reluctantly being awesome. Mouse Powell is for you. Mouse Powell is you. Mouse Powell.

Dimestore Prophets - Moses Lake Feel Good Music/ Groove

Midnight Drop - Spokane Reggae, rock, soul, ska, funk