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Rouge La Rue presents: DOWN BY THE BAYOU! A Show for a Hot, Southern Summer

  • $10
  • 18 +

Rouge La Rue proudly presents their first ever vaudevillian inspired extravaganza! Featuring some of the hottest performance artists in town, Down by the Bayou is sure to bring the New Orleans storyville sensation to the stage!

Featured artists include the always delightful and distinguished vocals of Madeline McNeil, magic and mentalism by Cameron Brow, cirque arts and hoop dancing by Luma, burlesque performances by Crystal Explosion, La Petite Kat and Gigi Spott, dance performances by Rouge La Rue, Paloma Skye and members of the Northwest Belly Dance Company and special guest the always sensational Abbey Crawford!

Dress in your southern best and join us for a late summer evening  of jazz, burlesque, dance artistry and all around hoopla and howlin'!