Z-Funk Productions presents a raucous evening of incredible live music: Down North (Seattle), Flying Spiders, and the incomparable Blind Willies (aaaaalll the way from San Francisco, CA)! It happens to be Zac Fawcett's birthday, and he can't fathom a better way to spend it than by booking three of his all-time favorite bands at one of his favorite venues. Come celebrate with us!


If you haven't checked out Down North, you mustn't miss them! Recently voted Seattle top 10 bands of 2015, alternative-soul/rock&roll/punk-funk four-piece from Seattle, have been likened to James Brown & the JBs reincarnated with a mix of Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson with all the dance moves to boot! They guys are unstoppable, and will make you sweat, whether you're too-cool to dance or not.

Flying Spiders, are a force in this city. The legend of Isamu Jordan lives on through their musical effigy... A hip-hop super group reborn. Come hear an entire new album's worth of material that is soon to be released on their first full-length album this summer.

For those of you fortunate enough to make it to the first annual Perry Street Shakedown, you may have caught the enigmatic, twisted, dark, yet amorous mojo of San Francisco's Blind Willies. This group is a kaleidoscope of Americana, blues, and bohemian folk music distilled through the dreamy sonic diaspera of San Francisco's Mission District. Spokane is beyond fortunate to have them back, AND, performing with these other incredible bands.